This Is Me.

Alexander James was derived from the chaos that rocks my life. Also the names of some pretty amazing people. This is the edition of current life as I see it. The edition that allows projects to be completed, deadlines to be met, and chaos to be controlled all while looking cool, calm, and more than likely not collected. Ultimately, this is the edition that pushes me to find + create the BEST VERSION of me possible (cuss words included) with hopes that maybe somebody will find the best version of themselves along the away.

  • Here I am

    I am a mom. I am an Entrepreneur. The same woman whom loves being snuggled up on the couch with my babes as the girl who enjoys a good night on the town. The woman whom is ready to jump on the train to anywhere but afraid to leave back everything she knows. The woman whom has an embarrassing sailor's mouth but is a woman of God. The woman who is dying to be in control yet lives in a state of chaos. I am FINALLY able to embrace ALL of me. It's time you do the same. (But to you.)

    ( Like EMBRACE YOU.)

  • Questions? Concerns? Comments?

    I LOVE to hear feedback - both good + bad. So Please feel free to email me and let me hear all the things.

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